An NGO founded by Urban Spiritualist

Our planet is rapidly approaching a tipping point beyond which change may become irreversible. The stability we have always depended on is on the verge of collapse.

Business as usual is no longer an option. Transformative change is necessary.

Humanity is finally beginning to wake up to the global call for action. Community, collaboration, and education are more important now than ever.

Education breeds awareness and awareness breeds consciousness.

Drawing on the brilliant work of Johan Rockström, the Earth Conscious Initiatives Foundation highlights efforts towards environmental processes moving us from crisis into innovation by integrating human development with the Earth’s capacity for resilience. Rockström’s Planetary Boundaries Framework provides a scientific roadmap supporting this integration.

Our foundation will directly support groundbreaking technologies, creative content, and resource stewardship geared towards creating a progressive and sustainable future for humanity.

We will offer every world citizen access to understanding future-focused endeavors towards persistence, innovation, and adaptability that are available now.

Through creative media displays, we will showcase projects that empower all of us to become informed and, ultimately, to co-create a conscious, sustainable future.

Join us as we come together to design the change we wish to see.

Earth Conscious Initiatives Foundation
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