Urban Spiritualist
World Wide

Collaboration is at the core of what we do.

We seek individual self-awareness as a means to enhance our collective experience of the world.

The more each of us wakes up to our power, the closer we all get to a more connected, conscious, and united world.

We are committed to upgrading the consciousness of the planet by building and nurturing a global community of Urban Spiritualists – people who are passionate about self-led personal growth, connection, and the art of transformation.

The Urban Spiritualist Worldwide Initiative aims to ignite a global conversation about how we each define creative expression, how creativity connects with spirituality, and how different traditions, modalities, and practices intersect and unite in their interpretations.

Through creative content showcasing the amazing work of future-focused world citizens, we elevate the voices reminding us that the power to create a more fulfilling life and sustainable world exists within us — and is available to all of us.