Align with your fullest expression

The Urban Spiritualist Immersive Meditation Series.

A signature training technique designed for US – and YOU.

In this series of mental, physical, and spiritual experiences, you will learn to integrate traditional contemplative meditation techniques with the ROR2 self-awareness tool.

The practice is designed to help you let go of whatever holds you back from bringing your highest potentials into the light … to reprogram your conditioned mind and create anew … and to show you how to take your meditative practice into your everyday life.

Part 1 – “Exploring the field”

Urban Spiritualist founder and mindset coach Ashley B. leads this 10-minute virtual practice. With the guided experience of Exploring the Field, you can:

  • Activate your innate ability to reshape your default settings – the conditioned responses and behaviors that shape your filtered views of the world
  • Learn to utilize ROR2 to actively engage with your own creative force – the Urban Spiritualist within 
  • Understand how to identify and reprogram the limiting labels keeping you from the fullest expression of you
  • Know how to channel your awareness to liberate yourself from outdated modes of thought when they show up

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